An Epilogue for The Treatment

Here’s a coda to a book we published back in 2002. The New York Times reports on the death of Dr. Eugene Saenger, who worked and taught for decades at the University of Cincinnati. In the 1960s Saenger conducted a series of radiation experiments on poor, mostly black, patients without informing them of the risks involved. Many died. A decade later, Martha Stephens, an English professor at the University of Cincinnati, brought the experiments to light and finally compiled her research into a book, The Treatment: The Story of Those Who Died in the Cincinnati Radiation Experiments. Stephens also helped some of the victims sue Dr. Saenger in 1994. In an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, Stephens said "patients consented to receive the radiation . . . but they weren’t told the radiation might kill them, nor were they told the military was involved. ‘He was a very accomplished man,’ Stephens said, adding she had ‘very mixed feelings’ about Saenger’s skills and his involvement in the radiation experiments."

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