New in Music: Listen Again


In Best
Music Writing 2007
, editor Robert
writes about the Experience Music
Project conference
held annually in Seattle: "[E]very year since 2002
it has brought together an amazing array of distinguished rock criticism and
research—some by academics, whose job description includes attending
conferences, but just as many by journalists and amateurs, who every year vie
to collect their thoughts at this forum for the pleasure and pride of it. EMP
is like the blogosphere with gatekeepers." This month Duke is pleased to
bring out the second collection of essays from EMP, Listen
Again: A Momentary History of Pop Music
. Edited by Eric Weisbard, the
book includes essays by academics like Mark Antony Neal, Robert Fink,
and Josh Kun
as well as many contributions from music journalists like Jeff Chang, Michaelangelo Matos, and Ned Sublette.
On a related note, Best Music Writing 2007 includes a piece by Duke
author Daphne A. Brooks, who wrote Bodies in

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