Campo's The Enemy a Poetry Foundation Top 10

9780822338628 Rafael Campo’s The Enemy has been chosen as one of the top 10 poetry books of the year by the contributors to Poetry Magazine. The list appears on their blog, Harriet. Patricia Smith writes, "My favorite book of 2007, the one I keep returning to again and again, is Rafael Campo’s The Enemy. Campo, the pinpoint lyricist, takes an unflinching look at the deceptions necessary for war, the weaknesses it reveals and disguises as glory. Battles within the body, clashes of landscape and culture, wars of mindset and madness—Campo unleashes truths within stanzas that are deftly and uncompromisingly structured. His revelations—ragged, miraculous, hard-won—spark the ache of recognition (‘We have become the creature no deity would deign to call "child"’), but also turn the heart towards hope."

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