Sernett Answers Query about Tubman Quote

"Goodbye to All That, #2," an essay by Robin Morgan in defense of Hillary Clinton has been circulating all over the internet during the past few weeks. The Cliopatra blog on the History News Network features a critique by Ralph E. Luker in which he tries to find out whether a quote by Harriet Tubman that Morgan uses in her piece was actually ever said by Tubman at all. Luker contacted Milton Sernett, author of Harriet Tubman: Myth, Memory, and History to try to set the record straight. Sernett told him, "I have not found the quotation in question in any of the primary
sources that purport to be faithful renditions of Tubman sayings/comments/aphorisms or the like. My impression is that this is a
late 20th century quote from a fictionalized account of Tubman’s life.
… Whoever wishes to use the dubious quote as a political zinger ought
to cite a reliable source." To which Luker replies: "Robin Morgan: Cite your source or quit pimpin’ out Harriet Tubman!"

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