Two Reviews of Mavor's Reading Boyishly

Carol Mavor’s third book, Reading Boyishly, has just been reviewed in Library Journal. They call the book “a passionate study of nostalgic representations of the maternal in the artistic creations of five distinguished and famous—albeit boyish men" and find it "highly recommended for large and comprehensive literature collections, a good choice for public libraries, and essential for academic institutions.” Reading Boyishly was also reviewed in The Daily Item of Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Reviewer Michael Payne calls the book "beautiful, deeply pleasurable, and thought-provoking" and raves about how beautiful it is as an object:  "Like the typical French
paperback, it has that distinctive, sensual, cream-colored cover; but
its pages are neatly cut, its type-face is crisp and clean, and its
hundreds of visual reproductions are exquisite. Just to hold this book
and to thumb through it initially is to be reminded why no electronic
text can ever hope to displace a book like this. It reminds us of books we have treasured
since we were children—perhaps just a few now in their devastated
state—or a truly rare old book (for me, that’s a 1618 King James
Bible)—or a sumptuous modern reproduction, such as of an elegant
medieval Book of the Hours."  The book was designed by Amy Ruth Buchanan.

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