Buffy's Queer History

The New York Times features an article on the latest issue of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book, in which Buffy sleeps with another woman. For longtime fans of the show, the introduction of queer content shouldn’t come as a surprise. As Mary Celeste Kearney writes in "The Changing Face of Teen Television, or Why We All Love Buffy," a chapter in Undead TV, ""Buffy unabashedly explores identities and lifestyles rarely privileged, and often prohibited, by conservative adults." And Allison McCracken argues that even the heterosexual sex in Buffy is not "heteronormative," rather many of the sex scenes "offer girls an opportunity to be sexual aggressors without the penalty of being considered ‘bad’ or ‘scary’ girls . . . and also serve as a gateway to other forms of non-normative sexual activity, specifically lesbian sex." McCracken’s chapter in Undead TV is called "At Stake: Angels’s Body, Fantasy Masculinity, and Queer Desire in Teen Television." Check out Undead TV for more great analysis of the Buffy phenomenon and its many afterlives in popular culture, the television industry, the Internet, and academic criticism.

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