Cornell University Library and Duke University Press Announce Partnership; Duke to Provide Enhanced Services for Project Euclid


In a publishing agreement that reaches across boundaries by bringing together a leading U.S. academic research library and one of the nation’s outstanding university presses, Cornell University Library and Duke University Press today announced that they have established a joint venture to expand and enhance the services of Project Euclid, the premier online information community for mathematics and statistics resources from independent publishers.

Effective July 2008, Duke will provide publishing expertise in marketing, sales, and order fulfillment to Project Euclid’s participating publishers and institutional subscribers. Duke will work to broaden and deepen Project Euclid’s subscriber base, resulting in greater global exposure for 54 journals and a growing number of monographs and conference proceedings. Cornell will continue to provide and support the vital IT infrastructure for Project Euclid and assume responsibility for archiving and preservation activities, ensuring robust and reliable access to the content deposited with Project Euclid for future scholars, researchers, and students.

“A collaboration that pairs the complementary strengths of a leading research library and a university press from different universities is an extraordinary move.  The result is nothing less than securing the future of alternative publishing options for independent presses in the fields of mathematics and statistics,” said Anne Kenney, Carl A. Kroch University Librarian, Cornell University Library.

For more information, please download the press release.

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