Finnstrom in Sudan Tribune

FinnstromblogSverker Finnström, author of Living with Bad Surroundings: War, History, and Everyday Moments in Northern Uganda has co-written an article about the complicated and precarious peace process in Northern Uganda for the Sudan Tribune.   Finnström and his co-author Ronald R. Atkinson focus on what will happen (particularly to the widely-displaced Acholi people) if/when a peace agreement is finally reached:  "As we wait for the current situation to be resolved, and a final
agreement signed, we would like to stress that successfully
implementing the agreement will be an arduous, grassroots project that
will require the sustained attention and support of the outside world.
A so-called “post-conflict situation” can often be more violent than a
conflict itself, and we need to be prepared, emotionally and
practically, for problems and setbacks."

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