Glave in Bay Area Reporter

Our Caribbean: A Gathering of Lesbian and Gay Writing from the Antilles, edited by Thomas Glave, is featured in the Bay Area Reporter. They’re looking forward to the collection’s release in June and write, "Glave has gathered little-known writers and such
established figures as Reinaldo Arenas, Audre Lorde, Michelle Cliff and Assotto Saint, and his contributors hail from the Bahamas,
Barbados, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama,
Puerto Rico, St. Vincent, St, Kitts, Suriname and Trinidad. An excerpt from
Arenas’ Before Night Falls gets the action started, and titles
from pieces we’re still to read do titillate, such as the poem "Saturday
Night in San Juan with the Right Sailors" by Rane Arroyo,  and the story "We Came All the Way from Cuba
So You Could Dress Like This?" by Achy Obejas."


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