Garden Bloggers Love Beautiful at All Seasons

Lawrence small
Beautiful at All Seasons, a collection of Elizabeth Lawrence's gardening columns from the Charlotte Observer, was the April/May selection of the Garden Bloggers Book Club. The bloggers are mostly united in their love for the famed garden writer. Melissa at Garden Potraits writes, "Most inspiring to me is the ability Elizabeth had to reach out to
others. She is a symbol for the camaraderie gardeners achieve."  Tangled Branches muses on the fact that the pieces were first run in the newspaper: "I wonder if the readers of the Charlotte Observer realized how lucky
they were to have such charming and learned writing delivered to their
doorsteps." At Red Dirt Ramblings, Dee comments on how modern Lawrence seems: "Because of her extensive correspondence with other gardeners,
nurserymen, scientists, etc., she was the forebear to garden bloggers.
I like to think we carry on her tradition by keeping in touch with one
another all over the country and even the world."

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