Duke on Adorno

Carlin Romano writes about a new biography of Theodor Adorno in this week's Chronicle Review. Duke recently published a popular special issue of New German Critique entitled Adorno and Ethics. These essays reconsider Adorno’s unique brand of aestheticism,
revealing a “politics of aestheticism” and exploring the political and
ethical dimensions of his writings. We're also pleased to announce that in 2009 we will publish a translation of Gerhard Schweppenhäuser's Theodor W. Adorno: An Introduction. We also published an interesting book by political theorist Paul Apostolidis a few years ago, Stations of the Cross: Adorno and Christian Right Radio. Apostolidis uses and reworks Adorno’s theories to interpret the nationally broadcast Focus on the Family,
revealing how the cultural discourse of the Christian right resonates
with recent structural transformations in the American political

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