David Price Writes on Minerva Consortium

Price cover small

David Price, author of Anthropological Intelligence and Threatening Anthropology, writes about the Pentagon's Minerva
Consortium in Counterpunch.
The Minerva program aims to solicit the advice of social scientists to aid in
analyzing and fighting various security threats such as terrorism,  Iraq,  and growing Chinese power. Price writes, "In my field,
anthropology, there is an overwhelming disciplinary amnesia of the extent to
which research has been directed by the Pentagon and intelligence agencies in
the past.
" (Both Price's books address how anthropologists have
interacted with the government in the past). Price concludes, "The problem
with Gate’s Minerva vision is the problem with Soviet science: ideologically
dependent science’s purse strings cannot lead to good results.  If Gates
really wanted good social science, not social science that tastes good (and
familiar to the Pentagon’s limited palate), he would be lobbying congress to
increase the funding of generalized social science—including dissident social
science—not pushing to Sovietize the social sciences."

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