How to Grow Old with Punk Rock

What We Do is Secret
, the long-awaited film about punk band the Germs and their doomed lead singer Darby Crash, finally opens in select cities today. The movie stars Shane West as Crash. The story of the band and Crash, who committed suicide with a heroin overdose in 1980, is told in Drew Daniel's contribution to Listen Again: A Momentary History of Pop Music. Daniel's article "How to Act Like Darby Crash," recounts a 2004 reunion concert that the Germs held to promote the film, in which surviving members of the the band, now middle-aged, played along with West portraying Crash. The effect was surreal. Daniels muses after the concert, "This evening shook me up and made me wonder about how to grow old with punk rock, wonder about the means and ends of sustaining fidelity to it, and the costs of that. What does it mean to try to remain faithful to something as it passes before your eyes into history?" The movie is reviewed in the New York Times, Village Voice, and Salon, among other places.

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