Beijing ’08 – Part I

978-0-8223-2956-5 The internationally renowned director Zhang Yimou (House of Flying Daggers, Hero, Raise the Red Lantern) was the man behind the visually stunning, awe-inspiring opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics. He is also the director of the closing ceremonies. You can read more about Zhang Yimou and his work for Beijing '08 in the New York Times.

A member of the Class of '82 at the Beijing Film Academy, Zhang Yimou is part of China's celebrated "Fifth Generation" of filmmakers. Ni Zhen taught the Fifth Generation, including Zhang Yimou, and in Memoirs from the Beijing Film Academy he discusses the cohort's extraordinary creativity.

Zhang Yimou said of the book, "Memoirs from the Beijing Film Academy…brings
back memories for me. It tells the true story of how I moved from ignorance to
full maturity along with a group of my peers. Everyone faces challenges of some sort in their youth. They become life's most beautiful memories. This is not just a book about film, but also a book about human life."

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