Kelty in Times Higher Education Supplement

Christopher M. Kelty's Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software is the "Book of the Week" in the Times Higher Education Supplement. John Gilbey writes, "Just occasionally, you come across a book that reflects part of your
own life and experience in a way that makes you stop and say: 'Yes,
that is the way I remember it happening.' This is one such book." He concludes, "This is a very significant book that succeeds in capturing the essence
of a period of huge change in the way we look at intellectual property
and commons. The word revolution is overused, but I'd suggest that it
might be appropriate to apply it in this instance. More than this,
Kelty's solidly focused text offers an effective roadmap for the deeply
convoluted raw material that defines this period – providing a
detailed, and well crafted, reference for future investigators."
An interview with Kelty is also posted over at Geert Lovink's Net Critique blog.

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