Duke Authors Stop by Our MLA Booth

Duke Press attended the 124th annual Modern Language Association meeting in San Francisco December 27-30, 2008. Check out some of the authors who stopped by our booth.

Cat Ramirez
Catherine S. Ramírez, author of
The Woman in the Zoot Suit:
Gender, Nationalism, and the
Cultural Politics of Memory

Christopher Hill 

Christopher L. Hill, author of
National History and
the World of Nations:

Capital, State, and the Rhetoric of
History in
Japan, France,
and the United States

Colin Milburn
Colin Milburn, author of
Nanovision: Engineering
the Future

Linda Williams


Linda Williams, author of
Screening Sex

Marianne Dekoven

Marianne DeKoven, author of
Utopia Limited: The Sixties and
the Emergence of the Postmodern

Marshall Brown

Marshall Brown, editor of
Modern Language Quarterly

Raji Sunder Rajan Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, author of
The Scandal of the State: Women,
Law, and Citizenship in Postcolonial


Congratulations to our journal, positions,
for the 2008 CELJ Award for
Best Journal Special Issue

David Luis-Brown
David Luis-Brown, author of
Waves of Decolonization:
Discourses of Race and Hemispheric
Citizenship in Cuba, Mexico, and
the United States

Debra Blake, author of
Chicana Sexuality and Gender:
Cultural Refiguring in Literature,
Oral History, and Art
Duke booth
Jocelyn Dawson, our Journals Direct Marketing and Exhibits Coordinator, and Katie Courtland, our Books Catalog and Copywriting Manager, show off our booth.

Thanks to Leigh Barnwell, Senior Editorial Assistant, for all of these fantastic photos! 

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