Is Mexico Due For Another Revolution?

Cycles Today is Mexico's Bicentennial. Are they due for another revolution? This New York Times op-ed by Enrique Krauze describes the revolutions of 1810 and 1910, conflicts so destructive that it took the country decades to recover from each. As many news outlets have reported, Mexicans are ambivalent about celebrating this anniversary because of the drug violence that has overtaken the country in the last year. In the book Cycles of Conflict, Centuries of Change: Crisis, Reform, and Revolution in Mexico, historians and social scientists from around the world look compare Mexico’s revolutions of 1810 and 1910 and consider whether there might be a twenty-first-century recurrence or whether a globalizing, urbanizing, and democratizing world has so changed Mexico that revolution is improbable. Writing in the Journal of Latin American Studies, Guy Thomson called the book "an excellent set of essays that will serve students of Mexican history and politics for many years to come." Those interested in taking a deeper look into Mexican history at this crucial point in time should check it out.

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