The View from Sudan


The Sudan is in the news today, as the president of South Sudan has warned of a widespread return to
violence if the region’s independence is not upheld in the nation-wide
referendum, which is now 100 days away. The Obama Administration supports the election and has said that it is
“inevitable” that the South will declare independence.

A recent issue of the South
Atlantic Quarterly
, “What’s Left of the
Left?: The View from Sudan
,” looks closely at the region in question, and
particularly focuses on the historical struggle of the Sudanese Communist Party.  Editor Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf urges
commemoration of progressive politics in Sudanese society as we look ahead to the
region’s future, she says: “This task is even more critical when we take into
account the current state of affairs: charges of ethnic cleansing and genocide,
the specter of secession, and the everyday suffering that engulfs the country.”

Read the introduction to this issue, "Writing the Dialectic," by Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf for free.

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