Duke Authors at the Latin American Studies Association 2010 Meeting

We were excited to be a part of LASA2010 in Toronto last week. We had many authors stop by and say hello, and here are photos of some of them. We will also be posting a couple of YouTube videos soon.

Green James N. Green, author of We Cannot Remain Silent: Opposition to the Brazilian Military Dictatorship in the United States


Graff Zivin




Erin Graff Zivin, author of The Wandering Signifier: Rhetoric of Jewishness in the Latin American Imaginary


Tinker Salas


Miguel Tinker Salas, author of The Enduring Legacy: Oil, Culture, and Society in Venezuela






Edward Wright-Rios, author of Revolutions in Mexican Catholicism: Reform and Revelation in Oaxaca, 1887-1934




Patricia de Santana Pinho, author of Mama Africa: Reinvinting Blackness in Bahia






Jerry Dávila, author of Hotel Trópico: Brazil and the Challenge of African Decolonization, 1950-1980





Paul K. Eiss, author of In the Name of El Pueblo: Place, Community, and the Politics of History in Yucatán






Aviva Chomsky, author of Linked Labor Histories: New England, Colombia, and the Making of a Global Working Class




Lovell (Patria del Criollo)


W. George Lovell, co-translator and co-editor of Severo Martínez Peláez's La Patria del Criollo: An Interpretation of Colonial Guatemala





Lauren Derby, author of The Dictator's Seduction: Politics and the Popular Imagination in the Era of Trujillo






Paul Gootenberg, co-editor of Indelible Inequalities in Latin America: Insights from History, Politics, and Culture





Donna J. Guy, author of Women Build the Welfare State: Performing Charity and Creating Rights in Argentina, 1880-1955






Matthew B. Karush, co-editor of The New Cultural History of Peronism: Power and Identity in Mid-Twentieth-Century Argentina





Steve J. Stern, author of Reckoning with Pinochet: The Memory Question in Democratic Chile, 1989-2006, with Carolina Aguilera Insunza of FLACSO Chile


Thanks to our Exhibits Manager, Helena Knox, for taking these photos!

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