Behind the Scenes at a Book Printer

Photo © Brittany Miller A few weeks ago, our Books Design and Production department took a field trip to Photo © Brittany Miller
one of our book printers, Edwards Brothers in Lillington, North Carolina. Designer Amy Ruth Buchanan was impressed: "During our tour of the plant, it was confirmed for me again that I am in the right business. I found all the paper, the huge printing presses, stacks of signatures waiting for binding, binding equipment, and 
rolls of foil for stamping spines totally thrilling. I really am a book-making geek. We were all especially impressed by the long tenures of the staff there. I think the Photo © Brittany Miller "new guy" has been Photo © Brittany Miller there for about seven years. The Director of Customer Service and Prepress has been with the company for 42 years." And Production Assistant Brittany Miller said she "enjoyed seeing the mechanics of printing. All too often we forget the physical labor and technical skills that are involved in the publishing process. We were able to see just how enthusiastic and learned our book-makers are!" Brittany was inspired to take some gorgeous photos of the Photo © Brittany Miller workings of the factory. We share some here, and you can see the rest on our Facebook page.   

One comment

  1. I still remember my first visit to a big printing facility. The smell and the noise were disturbing first, but the rythm of the machines became so calming after some time. A great experience everyone should enjoy once.


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