Further Reading on Indonesia

978-0-8223-4424-7_pr Has President Obama's visit to Indonesia whet your appetite to learn more about this fascinating country? A great start would be The Indonesia Reader, edited by Tineke Hellwig and Eric Tagliacozzo. It's an introduction to Indonesia’s history, culture, and politics, which brings together more than 150 selections, including journalists’ articles, explorers’ chronicles, photographs, poetry, stories, cartoons, drawings, letters, and speeches.Then if you want to delve deeper we have a Boellstorff number of ethnographies about the country. You can turn of course to S. Ann Dunham's Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia (see yesterday's post for more on that book). In A Coincidence of Desires: Anthropology, Queer  Studies, Indonesia, Tom Boellstorff draws on his extensive fieldwork among gay Indonesians to explore how the fields of queer studies and anthropology might enrich one another. In The Appearances of Kusno Memory: Mnemonic Practices of Architecture and Urban Form in Indonesia, Abidin Kusno interviews dozens of older Indonesians and uses their recollections to explore the complex colonial history of the country and the developing urbanization of its capital city, Jakarta. And Karen Strassler looks at the role of photography in the making of Strassler modern national subjects in postcolonial Java in her recent book Refracted Visions: Popular Photography and National Modernity in Java. Enjoy your reading!

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