The Sacred Bundle Stays Wrapped, For Now

978-0-8223-3474-3_pr It's the divide that just won't go away. At this year's American Anthropological Association annual meeting there was once again talk about whether the traditional four fields of anthropology (cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeology) should actually be bound up in the same discipline. Writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, David Glenn reports on a panel about the divide.  A few years ago, Daniel A. Segal and Sylvia J. Yanagisako published Unwrapping the Sacred Bundle: Reflections on the Disciplining of Anthropology, which looked at the roots of the bundling of the four fields and challenged scholars to think about changing the structure of their discipline. But people Glenn spoke to this past weekend seemed doubtful this will happen soon. While a few universities, namely Stanford, have separated cultural anthropology from physical anthropology, most will have to do their best to bridge the divide for practical reasons: current budgets will not allow the creation of new departments. Perhaps when flush time sreturn to universities, more will be ready to consider Segal and Yanagisako's prescient ideas.

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