Articles for Understanding Wisconsin


In light of the news from Wisconsin, here are four free articles from Labor: Working Class History of the Americas that help to place the struggle in a broader historical context:


Nelson Lichtenstein

"Despite EFCA's Limitations, Its Demise Is a Profound Defeat for U.S. Labor"


Laura Murphy

"An 'Indestructible Right': John Ryan and the Catholic Origins of the U.S. Living Wage Movement, 1906-1938."


Keith Gildart

“Two Kinds of Reform: Left Leadership in the British National Union of Mineworkers and the United Mineworkers of America, 1982-1990”


Joseph A. McCartin

“ ‘Fire the Hell out of Them’: Sanitation Workers' Struggles and the Normalization of the Striker Replacement Strategy in the 1970s”

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