Duke Authors at the Association for Asian Studies Conference

We had a great time at the 2011 Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies in Honolulu, HI, March 31st-April 3rd. Here are photos of some of the authors who stopped by our booth.

AAS 11 Majumdar



Rochona Majumdar, author of Marriage and Modernity: Family Values in Colonial Bengal



AAS 11 Driscoll



Mark Driscoll, author of Absolute Erotic, Absolute Grotesque: The Living, Dead, and Undead in Japan's Imperialism, 1895-1945



AAS 11 Song



Jesook Song, author of South Koreans in the Debt Crisis: The Creation of a Neoliberal Welfare Society




AAS 11 Leung and Furth


Angela Ki Che Leung and Charlotte Furth, editors of Health and Hygiene in Chinese East Asia: Poliices in the Long Twentieth Century




Thanks to our exhibits manager, Helena Knox, for taking these photos.

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