Carlos Iván Degregori, Editor of The Peru Reader, Dies

Degregori-Carlos-Ivan-may-18-2001 Duke University Press mourns the death of Peruvian anthropologist Carlos Iván 978-0-8223-3649-5_pr Degregori, co-editor (with Robin Kirk and Orrin Starn) of The Peru Reader, the first book in our popular series The Latin America Readers. He died in Peru after a long illness, according to The Peruvian Times. Degregori was one of Peru's most important intellectuals and served as a member of the 2001-2003 Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He wrote frequently in both Spanish and English and contributed a chapter to Steve Stern's Shining and Other Paths: War and Society in Peru, 1980-1995 as well as to many other books on Peruvian history, culture and politics. Friend and colleague Robin Kirk says, "Degregori was a mentor to hundreds of American academics and human rights activists, and as a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission brought a humility, generosity and grace to every proceeding he was a part of." We are grateful for his contributions to scholarship.

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  1. Carlos Ivan was a public intellectual who dedicated his life to advocating for human rights, and to strengthening the social sciences in Peru. His patient mentorship of his students as well as foreign researchers like myself directly shaped at least two generations of anthropologists. His research changed the way we think of education, racial politics and rebellion in the Andes, and will forever influence scholars of Latin America. Thanks to the excellent Latin American series at Duke Press and to Carlos Ivan’s colleagues for making his research available in the US. For any translators out there – Carlos Ivan has edited or authored 16 books, many of which are not yet published in English – especially his seminal work, “The rise of the Shining Path” published by the IEP. Thank you for this memorial. Todavia hay mucho que hacer.


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