(Scholarly) Hurricane Preparedenss from Duke University Press

As Hurricane Irene makes her way to the East Coast this weekend, here are some resources from Duke University Press about hurricanes for your reading pleasure:


The Early Novel and Catastrophe,” by Scott J Juengel, from Novel: A Forum on Fiction.





PC_23_2_pr “’It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp… with… a Whole Lot of Bitches Jumpin’ Ship’:  Navigating Black Politics in the Wake of Katrina,  ” by Michael Ralph, fom Public Culture.






Winds of Change: Hurricanes and the Transformation of Ninteenth-Century Cuba,” by Matthew Mulcahy, from Hispanic American Historical Review.

Hurricanes and Society in British Greater Caribbean, 1624-1783,” by Walter Gillis Peacock, from Hispanic American Historical Review. 





Rebuilding the Past: Health Care Reform in Post-Katrina Louisiana,” by Mary A.  Clark, from the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law






978-0-8223-5109-2 Global Climate Change: A Primer

Orrin H. Pilkey and Keith C. Pilkey, with batiks by Mary Edna Fraser





978-0-8223-2224-5 The North Carolina Shore and Its Barrier Islands: Restless Ribbons of Sand

Orrin H. Pilkey, William J. Neal, Stanley R. Riggs, Craig A. Webb, David M. Bush, Deborah F. Pilkey, Jane Bullock, and Brian A. Cowan

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