Historicizing 9/11


As the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaches, a new issue of Radical History Review critically investigates the meanings of 9/11 by focusing on the ways in which the attacks have been historicized in numerous social and cultural spheres. “Historicizing 9/11,” published this week, probes the contested understandings of the attacks in political rhetoric, cinema, literature, visual arts, photography, public spaces, museums, archives, and education.

“Historicizing 9/11” is available online for free until the end of September. Contributors to the issue consider

  • 9/11 historicizing at public memorial sites
  • the archiving of oral histories and digital materials
  • contributors’ experiences teaching the events of 9/11 at universities in the US and Pakistan
  • US and British reactions to 9/11 and to the terrorist bombings of the London Underground
  • presentations of 9/11 in the work of the novelists John Updike, Don DeLillo, and Dan Brown
  • depictions of the events and their aftermath in film, comics, and graphic art, and the historical implications of images of the jumpers from the World Trade Center

The issue, edited by Jim O’Brien and Andor Skotnes, also includes two series of original works of arts that subversively reflect 9/11.

Read the issue online for free here. The print issue will be available for sale here starting September 12.

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