Listen to Kristen Ghodsee Read from Lost in Transition

Ghodsee Small

Lost in Transition: Ethnographies of Everyday Life after Communism tells of ordinary lives upended by the collapse of communism. Through ethnographic essays and short stories based on her experiences with Eastern Europe between 1989 and 2009, Kristen Ghodsee explains why it is that so many Eastern Europeans are nostalgic for the communist past. One chapter of the book, a short story called "Tito Trivia," has won the Society for Humanistic Anthropology's 2011 Ethnographic Fiction Award. In the podcast below, Ghodsee reads another chapter of her book, "Comrades, 2000," in which she recounts interviewing a young Muslim woman about her memories of how the end of communism changed how she addressed her teacher at school.   

Ghodsee Podcast

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