American Literature Essay Wins 2010 Walker Prize

AL_82_4_pr Congratulations to Chadwick Allen who has been awarded the 2010 Don D. Walker Award from the Western Literature Association for the year's best essay in western American literary and cultural study for his essay,  “Serpentine Figures, Sinuous Relations: Thematic Geometry in Allison Hedge Coke's Blood Run.” Prize committee members wrote of the essay:

“I find the piece simply spectacular, and so novel in the field of literary studies generally for its interests in mathematics, astronomy, and science of any kind… Chad Allen is well known as a deft close reader, but here he takes this skill to an exponentially new level.”

“ [H]is reading of Blood Run is brilliant in its illumination of how Hedge Coke’s mathematically precise form aligns with her argument about the importance of the mounds as both presence and trace. I really think he hits it out of the ballpark here by showing the ties between mathematics, science, Indigenous technologies, and literature.”

The essay appeared in volume 82:4 (December 2010) of American Literature, and is available for free here

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