Jimmy Creech Returns to Omaha

Creech cover final It's National Coming Out Day and Jimmy Creech returns to Omaha today to speak at an interfaith rally to support gay, lesbian, and transgender rights. In 1999, Creech's 29-year career as a minister in the United Methodist Church ended in Omaha when, following a UMC trial, a jury of pastors found him guilty of performing same-sex marriages and removed his credentials in the Church. The Omaha World-Leader reports that Creech's return to the city is creating some controversy among Methodists. But Creech, no stranger to controversy, is not backing down. He'll speak at 7 p.m. on the lawn of First United Methodist, 70th and Cass Streets. He will also be signing copies of his recent memoir, Adam's Gift. Since leaving the Methodist Church, Creech has been a passionate advocate for the rights of LGBT people, particularly their right to marry. He and his wife, Chris Weedy, recently started a Facebook campaign against the proposed amendment to the North Carolina constition that would ban same-sex unions. Creech has several other events in Nebraska, which you can see on his Facebook page.

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