Resources on Pearl Harbor from DUP

978-0-8223-3637-2_prToday is the 70th Anniversary of the attacks on the US at Pearl Harbor.  While flags are being flown at half-mast and various commemorations are going on around the country, here are some resources about the event from our books and journals:

A Date Which Will Live: Pearl Harbor in American Memory by Emily S. Rosenberg

 “Cracks in the Consensus: Defending the Rights of Japanese Americans During World War II,” by Robert Shaffer.  From RHR 72 (1998).

 “Moving History: The Pearl Harbor Film(s),” by Geoffrey M. White, From positions 5:3 (1997).

Remembering Pearl Harbor, Forgetting Charlie Chaplin, and the Case of the Disappearing Western Woman: A Picture Story,” by Miriam Sliverberg. From positions 1:1 (1993).

 Click on the article titles to read them for free. 

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