Books Inspire Art

We're very pleased that two of our books have recently inspired exciting artistic projects. 

BrennanIf you're in New York City next Friday, June 8, you can catch a staged reading of The Hopefulness of Esperanza, a play by Raquel Almazán which was inspired by Denise Brennan's 2004 book What's Love Got to Do with It?: Transnational Desires and Sex Tourism in the Dominican Republic. The play is about two Dominican sisters, sex workers, who stow away on a cargo ship from the Dominican Republic to France. It transpires entirely inside a storage container in which they are slowly suffocating to death. After the reading there will be a Q&A with Almazán and Brennan. Click here to make reservations for free tickets to the show at the Studio Theater on 42nd Street.


DuffyEnda Duffy's book The Speed Handbook: Velocity, Pleasure, Modernism (2009) recently inspired an art installation by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec entitled "City Velocities-Body Speeds." The project involved measuring velocities of several trams in Amsterdam, streaming the data to the exhibition space in real time, and recreating them by several powerful fans. Visitors stood among the fans and Fans experienced the feeling of the trams' actual speed. The exhbition was part of the Dutch arts festival Sonic Arts, and Duffy was pleased to give a talk during the festival. He noted that the tram operators, initially skeptical about the project, were invited to the exhibition and found it quite interesting.


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