Celebrating Departing Members of our EDP Department

Cherieparty01This past Friday we said farewell to three beloved members of our Editorial, Design, and Production department as they each prepared to move on to new opportunities. At a lovely party organized by members of the department, we feted especially Cherie Westoreland, our Design Director, who retired after 23 years with Duke University Press.

In her many years designing books and covers, Cherie has won numerous AAUP
Cheriebooksflash awards for interior and cover designs. EDP Manager Nancy Hoagland praised Cherie's contribution to the Press over the years: "We have an amazing design staff at the press, and Cherie's certainly played a vital and leading role in making 'Duke design' what it is. We will miss Cherie in so many ways. She's incredibly creative, a generous teacher, a wonderful and supportive colleague, an inspiring manager, and a trailblazer for trying something new and different." Cherie will be now be pursuing her love of making art, especially in clay, full time, as well as spending more time with her children and grandson. 

In addition to celebrating Cherie, we were sad to say goodbye to designer Jennifer Hill and to assistant managing editor Mark Mastromarino. Mark, whose attention to detail has contributed to the production of over 200 books at the Press since he joined us in 2003, heads north to Boston to become the series editor for the John Adams Papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Jen, who has won a number of AAUP awards for her lovely book designs, plans to continue her design work as a freelancer, which means those outside Duke University Press will now be able to benefit from her skills.

We all wish Cherie, Mark, and Jen the best and we'll miss them tremendously!

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