Tijuana’s Expanding Art Scene

Kun Cover SmallHas this weekend's New York Times article about traveling to Tijuana got you dreaming of a visit? Sam Lubell writes that while parts of Tijuana do live up to the city's seedy reputation, it has a thriving culture industry. "In this chaotic, messy, visceral place," he writes, "the resurgence has been from the ground up, and art has landed in unexpected places." In their book Tijuana Dreaming: Life and Art at the Global Border, Josh Kun and Fiamma Montezemolo collect essays about Tijuana's art, architecture, music, film, novels and poetry. Taken together, the selections present a kaleidoscopic portrait of a major border city in the age of globalization. It would be a great read before a trip to the city, or it can transport you there from your armchair if you can't actually visit. Kun and Montezemolo will be holding a book event at the Festival Tijuana Internzona on October 20.  You can read an excerpt from the book here, and see some photographs from the book by Ingrid Hernández here. As Kun and Montezemolo say in their introduction, "Welcome to (a new) Tijuana."

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