Final day of the University Press Week Blog Tour

Up_week_2012Today is the last day of the University Press Week blog tour. We hope you've enjoyed all the great posts. Today, begin at New York University Press where author Constance Rosenblum shares her thoughts. Then continue over to Columbia University Press where author Sheldon Pollock (who has also written for us) calls upon the university and its faculty to become more involved with university presses. CUP also has a bonus post from their editorial director Jennifer Crewe. Our neighbors at UNC Press come next on the tour, featuring a post by their director John Sherer. University of Alabama Press features author Rick Bragg and at  University of Virginia Press author Catherine Allgor talks about the holistic model university presses can offer other businesses. Finally, the tour wraps up at Oregon State University Press where intern Jessica Kibler shares how thankful she was for the opportunity to work in the "welcoming and learning-filled environment" of a university press. Thanks so much to all the great bloggers this week. A complete schedule is available here. And many thanks also to the good folks at the Association of American University Presses central office who coordinated University Press Week.

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