Duke Authors at the 2013 AHA Convention

We're back from the American Historical Association annual meeting in New Orleans, where we had a great time selling books and meeting authors. Some of our biggest selling titles were Bourdieu and Historical Analysis by Philip S. Gorski, A Primer for Teaching World History by Antoinette Burton, and C.L.R. James's play Toussaint Louverture. You can continue to order these and other history titles at the conference discount by using the code DEXH131B when you place an order on our website.

Check out some of our authors with their books.

J.T. WayJ. T. Way, author of The Mayan in the Mall.

Lopez and Weinstein


A. Ricardo López and Barbara Weinstein with their new collection The Making of the Middle Class.



Leon FinkLeon Fink, editor of the journal Labor.  


Andor Skotnes



Andor Skotnes, author of A New Deal for All? 




John Mckiernan-González, author of Fevered Measures.

William Marotti


William Marotti, author of Money, Trains, and Guillotines.


Pete Sigal

Peter H. Sigal, author of The Flower and the Scorpion.




Many thanks to Michael McCullough for taking these photos. Check out a few more on our Facebook page



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