Last Day of our Spring Sale

Today is the final day of our Spring Sale and your last chance to save 50% off all our in-stock titles. If you bought books during the first week of our sale, you should come back because we've released nine new titles in the last month!

978-0-8223-5361-4_prReturn to our site to check out Imperial Debris: On Ruins and Ruination edited by Ann Stoler. These essays in postcolonial studies examine the idea of ruins and ruination as the toxic aftermath of colonial occupations. 

In her difficult but crucial new book Cruel Modernity, Jean Franco  examines the conditions under which extreme cruelty became the instrument of armies, governments, rebels, and rogue groups in Latin America. She seeks to understand
978-0-8223-5456-7_pr how extreme cruelty came to be practiced in many parts of the continent over the last eighty years and how its causes differ from the conditions that brought about the Holocaust, which is generally the atrocity against which the horror of others is measured.

978-0-8223-5431-4_prAnother new book in Latin American cultural studies is the first English translation of Writing in the Air: Heterogeneity and the Persistence of Oral Tradition in Andean Literatures  by Peruvian cultural and literary critic Antonio Cornejo Polar. We've also just released Centering Animals in Latin American History, a collection edited by Martha Few and Zeb Tortorici. Latin Americanists will also want to check out anthropologist Paja Faudree's new book Singing for the Dead: The Politics of Indigenous Revival in Mexico.

We released some great new music books this month, too. There's already some
978-0-8223-5392-8_pr great buzz for David Novak's Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth liked the book, saying, ""David Novak goes inside the Noise scene and presents an astounding perspective: historically astute, inspired, and completely shell-shocked." Also new this month is People Get Ready: The Future of Jazz is Now!, edited by Ajay Heble and Rob Wallace. In the book jazz musicians, scholars, and journalists emphasize how the political consciousness that infused jazz in the 1960s and 1970s has continued to animate the music into the present day. Cumbia!: Scenes of a Migrant Latin American Music Genre is another music collection edited by Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste and Pablo Vila. The contributors show how how cumbia, a music that originated in Colombia and was formerly denigrated by its upper classes, has become one of the most popular musics in Latin America.  

978-0-8223-5453-6_prAlso newly released is Jennifer Lynn Peterson's Education in the School of Dreams: Travelogues and Early Nonfiction Film. Peterson offers innovative readings of travelogues and other nonfiction films from the early twentieth century.

Remember, the sale ends tonight, May 15, at 11:59 pm Eastern time. Enter the coupon code SPECSALE at checkout to get your 50% discount.



Peterson / Education in the School of Dreams


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