Announcing the Launch of Transgender Studies Quarterly

University Press is pleased to announce the 2014 launch of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, edited by Paisley Currah and
Susan Stryker. The first nonmedical journal dedicated to transgender studies, TSQ will be instrumental in developing this growing and vibrant field and will
advance the editorial mission of changing the way the world thinks about
transgender issues.

TSQ will publish interdisciplinary
work—from fields including cultural studies, political economy, art, health, and
sexuality studies—that explores the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality,
embodiment, and identity. Major topics
addressed in the first few issues will include the cultural production of trans
communities, transgender population studies, transgender biopolitics, and
problems of translating gender concepts and practices across linguistic
communities. For
more about the journal, view this introductory video.

TSQ’s editorial office is in
the final stage of fundraising through a Kickstarter
will ensure the journal a stable period of growth and development following its
initial launch. For more information about fundraising efforts, visit

Readers can sign up here to receive an e-mail
notification when subscriptions are available for order. The journal will be
published quarterly starting in April 2014 ($45 for individuals; $28 for

For more information regarding TSQ,
please visit

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