Gay & Lesbian Studies / Queer Theory at Duke Press

One aspect of our mission is to help
develop promising new academic questions into established disciplines. A look
at the history of DUP’s publishing program in Gay & Lesbian Studies / Queer
Theory provides some great examples:


Halley_Parker• In 1993, Duke University Press
released the first book in Series Q, a twenty-year project that brought a new
theoretical lens to Queer Theory and Gay & Lesbian Studies.





GLQ• In 1998, the arrival of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies
cemented the Press’s role as the new field's leading forum.




Perverse Modernities, a series
launched in 2001, has pushed the field even further to transcend global and
disciplinary boundaries.





Berlant_Edelman• Gay & Lesbian Studies is now a
recognized academic specialty at universities around the world, and Duke
University Press will continue to publish its vital new work in Theory Q, a new
series of books beginning this year.




And now Duke University Press is
proud to help the conversation evolve once again with the launch of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly in
2014, the first journal of its kind. TSQ
serves a growing area of cultural studies that explores the diversity of
gender, sexuality, embodiment, and identity. 

To learn more about subscribing to TSQ, please visit

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