Behind the Covers: The Making of a Journal

Have you ever wondered how our journals are published? Check out this informative video about the making of SAQ: South Atlantic Quarterly on our YouTube channel, DukeUPressPublicity:


About SAQ: South Atlantic Quarterly:
SAQ 112:3, "Du Bois's Black Reconstruction: Past and Present"

The South Atlantic Quarterly, founded amid controversy in 1901, provides bold analyses of the current intellectual scene, both nationally and worldwide. Published exclusively in special issues, this vanguard centenarian journal features some of the most prominent contemporary writers and scholars and tackles urgent political, cultural, and social questions. Some issues grow out of current academic debates, concerning, for example, the nature of intellectual labor or the state of theory today, while other issues focus on international social and political questions. Starting with the 2011 volume, each issue of SAQ features a second thematic section composed of short essays that engage a topic of contemporary political importance. The title of this section, “Against the Day,” is meant to highlight both the modes of resistance and the specific occasion that the essays address.

To read a sample issue of SAQ, visit If you are interested in subscribing to the journal, information can be found at

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