Duke Press at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Library Relations Manager Kim Steinle and Editorial Director Ken Wissoker are in Germany this week for the Frankfurt Book Fair, which began on Wednesday. Now in its 64th year, the Fair is one of the largest gatherings of publishers, booksellers, agents, and authors. 

We are always excited to touch base with Duke University Press’s international network of sales representatives from places like East Asia, India, France, South Africa, the Middle East, the UK, and South America, and Frankfurt is our best opportunity. Working with local agents promoting DUP on the ground helps disseminate our publications to libraries around the world.

We are also happy to be present for HighWire Press's launch of Folio, its new e-book product, which is showcasing the library release of the e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection on HighWire. For more infomation about the new e-books beta site, check out our recent blog post.


Kim and Ken with Tom Rump (center), Managing Director at HighWire Press.

Randy Kiefer (LOCKSS) and Bonnie Zavon (HighWire Press) celebrating Folio's launch.

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