Book Spine Poetry

A post earlier this month by Publishers Weekly got us searching our office bookshelves this week to create some book spine poetry. Here are some of our creations.


Photo (8)


The fragility of things

Singing for the dead

Speaking of flowers

Listening in detail

Writing in the air

How soon is now?



Photo (11)

This one rhymes!

Cosmopolitan archaeologies

Quantum anthropologies

Revolution in the Andes

Addiction trajectories

Governing indigenous territories

Imperial debris


Photo (9)Here's a sad one:

Treasured possessions

Somebody's children.

Poverty in common, 

Adoptive migration.

River of tears

Adios, Ninos.


Photo 2


A haiku:

Prescription TV

Addiction trajectories

Patients of the state





Photo 1

And finally, a slightly naughty poem:

Screening sex, 

Wallowing in sex.

Radical sensations,

Fevered measures.

Securing paradise


After sex?


Writing these was really fun. Feel free to send us your own!

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