American Studies Association Annual Meeting, November 21-24, 2013

Another great conference last week: the annual meeting of the American Studies Association in Washington, DC. As usual, it was so terrific to meet our authors in person and sell books to the crowd.

We had two award winners at ASA this year. Annette Kolodny's In Search of First Contact won the 2013 Thomas J. Lyon Book Award in Western American Literary and Cultural Studies. And Adria Imada received Honorable Mention for the Lora Romero Book Prize given by the American Studies Association. Imada's book has also been honored by the Congress on Research in Dance, the Organization of American Historians, and the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians. Here she is holding her multi-award-winning book Aloha America!

Adria Imada

Here are some other authors who stopped by the booth.




Benjamin Kahan with his new book Celibacies.






Christina Hanhardt



Christina Hanhardt, author of Safe Space












Jennifer Doyle



Jennifer Doyle with her recent book Hold It Against Me. Doyle, who blogs about soccer, is also editor of the recent special issue of GLQ, The Athletic Issue.










Shawn Michelle Smith




Shawn Michelle Smith and her new book At the Edge of Sight.











Shelly Streeby




Shelley Streeby with her recent book Radical Sensations.


Thanks so much to all our authors who stopped by. See more pictures on our Facebook page.

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