Celebrating Valerie Millholland at the American Historical Association

We had a wonderful time this weekend at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association selling books, mingling with historians, and celebrating retiring Senior Editor Valerie Millholland.

Weinstein introducing VM at CLAH lunchMillholland received the Distinguished Service Award from the Conference on Latin American History. This award is usually given to a senior scholar; it's very unusual for it to go a publisher and we feel so proud that CLAH has chosen to honor Millholland's contributions to the field in this way. She was introduced at the awards luncheon by Barbara Weinstein, who said, "Rarely, if ever, has this award gone to someone whose impact on the field has been as broad and wide-ranging as Valerie's." Millholland gave a wonderful talk about her years as an editor. It will be published later this year in the journal The Americas. She received two standing ovations for the talk and award.

We also toasted Valerie Millholland at a wine and cheese reception in our booth. Many of our authors gathered to celebrate Millholland's achievements and to pose with her for a photo.

Tinsman and VM


Heidi Tinsman shows off her new book Buying Into the Regime with Millholland.












Hutchison and VM


Editing one of our popular Latin America Readers is a true labor of love. Collecting selections and permissions can take years. Co-editor Elizabeth Hutchison celebrates the publication of The Chile Reader with Millholland.


Joseph and VM

Gilbert H. Joseph has published nine books with Duke, including his most recent (with Jurgen Buchenau), Mexico's Once and Future Revolution.






HAHR toastThe party failed to show up due to a catering error, but we still toasted our journal Hispanic American Historical Review. Editors Jocelyn Olcott, John French, and Pete Sigal joined managing editor Sean Mannion in a drink.



Many of our other authors came by to pose with their books. Here are a few; check out the rest of the photos from this terrific conference on our Facebook page. You can also see some video ributes to Valerie Millholland in this YouTube video.

Hanhardt smiling

Christina Hanhardt with her book Safe Space.















David Sartorius was thrilled to see his new book Ever Faithful for the first time at the conference.







William Marotti stopped by to pose with his book Money, Trains, and Guillotines.





Seth Garfield and his new book In Search of the Amazon.














Bryan McCann's Hard Times in the Marvelous City was also new at the conference.













Thanks so much to all the authors and staff who made the celebrations at this conference so special. And best wishes to Valerie Millholland on her retirement.

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