New Opportunities for Editorial Director Ken Wissoker

Wissoker, KenEditorial Director Ken Wissoker has announced that he will be moving to New York City where, in addition to continuing his job with Duke University Press, he will be a Visiting Distinguished Lecturer at the CUNY Graduate Center. At the Graduate Center, Ken will start a program he is currently calling "Intellectual Publics" which will sponsor talks or conversations aimed at working through emergent academic concepts. Ken says, "My sense is that New York has too many 92nd Street Ys devoted to translation of intellectual ideas (or allowing artists and others to be more reflective than usual) and not enough common ground for academics and others caring about the kind of ideas Duke publishes." 

“We could not be more delighted that Ken Wissoker is joining the Graduate Center. Ken is a marvelous editor and has a keen grasp of some of the very best current scholarship in the humanities and social sciences,” said Louise Lennihan, the Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. “He has a substantial international and national network of scholarly contacts, and it is a very exciting prospect that he will draw on them in his programming at the Graduate Center. The entire New York scholarly community and intellectual public will benefit from Ken’s presence.”

Ken will continue to acquire books and shape the Duke University Press list. His authors will continue to see him when he represents the Press at conferences. While continuing to publish innovative work, he will also be looking to foster new ideas in a public way. Ken says, "I'm excited about the opportunity and grateful to the creativity and flexibility at the Press and the Graduate Center which has made this innovative and synergistic position possible."

Ken is turning his day-to-day department management duties over to Editor Courtney Berger. He will travel to Durham a few days each month for meetings. Although staffers at the Press will miss our daily interaction with Ken, this is an exciting opportunity for collaboration and we hope it will lead to increased visibility for the Press and our authors. Congratulations, Ken!

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