Digital and New Media Issues from Duke Journals


Within the past year, several journal issues have tackled the topic of digital and new media in literature, humanities, and culture. Sample these articles and issues below.

Dddif_25_1The most recent issue of differences, "In the Shadow of the Digital Humanities," includes articles on opening the genealogy of the digital humanities, gaming the humanities, and working the digital humanities. Read an excerpt from Fiona M. Barnett's article, "The Brave Side of the Digital Humanities," featured in this issue:

While standing against the wall in a windowless conference room and scrolling through the tweets for the "Dark Side of the Digital Humanities" conference session, the tone of the real-time digital conversation was so counter to my understanding of the panelists' discussion that I briefly wondered if I was in the wrong room or following the wrong Twitter stream. Even after confirming the correct hashtag for the session, the uncertainty persisted until I recognized the same scholars in the room and in the Twitter stream. The concept of recognition and misrecognition has provided a useful framework for many questions in feminist theory, gender studies, and political theory, and it continues to offer a useful framework for considering disciplinary boundaries and the conversations that thake place in the lore of field formation.

Read the rest of "The Brave Side of the Digital Humanities," made freely available, here.

Ddrhr_117_coverOther journal issues on this topic include American Literature's "New Media and American Literature" and Radical History Review's "Radical Histories in Digital Culture." Read the introductions to these special issues, made freely available, by clicking the links above.

Ddal_85_4For further reading on American Literature, check out "Chavez Behind the Camera," a guest post by Emily Dings, managing editor of American Literature, here. The post details the relationship between several articles in "New Media and American Literature" and Scalar, a multimedia authoring and publishing web platform developed by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture.

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