Latin American Studies Association, Chicago, May 2014

We had a great time selling books and meeting authors at the 2014 annual meeting of the Latin American Studies Association. 


We were excited to congratulate Marc Hertzman for winning an Honorable Mention from the Bryce Wood book award committee for his book Making Samba. The award is for an outstanding book on Latin America in the social sciences and humanities published in English.


Canessa and Leinaweaver

 Andrew Canessa, author of Intimate Indigeneities poses with Jessaca Leinaweaver, author of The Circulation of Children and Adoptive Migration.


Peter Wade, co-editor of the new collection Mestizo Genomics.



Joanne Rappaport is the co-author of the award-winning Beyond the Lettered City and author of the new book The Disappearing Mestizo



 Gabriela Ramos is co-editor of Indigenous Intellectuals.

















Co-Editors Lauren (Robin) Derby and Eric Roorda stopped by at different times to pose with the latest in the popular Latin America Readers series, The Dominican Republic Reader.


Ed. Translocalidades

Claudia de Lima Costa and Sonia E. Alvarez, two of the co-editors of the new collection Translocalities/Translocalidades.

Editors and contributors to Art From a Fractured Past

Editor Cynthia Milton with two contributors from Art from a Fractured Past.


Marcia Ochoa with her new book Queen for a Day.


Myrian Jimeno, author of Juan Gregorio Palechor.


Heidi Tinsman, author of Buying into the Regime.

See even more photos on our Facebook page. And if you couldn't make it to LASA, don't worry, you can still buy all the great books we featured there at 30% off. Check out the program ad, and use coupon code LASA14 when you order on our website.

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