Poem of the Week

978-0-8223-3639-6_prApril is National Poetry Month, so this month on our blog we will offer you a poem from our small collection of poetry books each Thursday. Here in North Carolina, spring flowers are at their peak right now, so James Applewhite’s “Jonquils” from Selected Poems (2005) seems apt. For those still waiting for spring, we hope this cheers you!


At the ruined homestead in spring,
Where armatures of honeysuckle,
Baskets of weed-wire, sprawl over
Old rows, twine up fruit trees,
Where poison oak thicker than adders chokes about
Stones of a hearth—a broken altar—
The jonquils have risen. Their yellows gather
On sea-colored stems. The frilled bells
Face in all directions, with a scattering of general
Attention toward the sun: now gone, yet source
Of their butter, their gold, this lidded day—
As if sunlight broken in pieces were
Rising from the earth. Like
Bright women abandoned in the wilderness.

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