Download our Fall 2015 Catalog!

F15 Catalog CoverOur Fall 2015 catalog is here! Download it and check out all the great new titles we’ll have beginning in July.

Here are some highlights from the new catalog.

Nadia Sablin’s Aunties: The Seven Summers of Alevtina and Ludmilla, the winner of the 2014 CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography. Sablin’s lyrical and evocative photographs in Aunties capture the small details and daily rituals of her septuagenarian aunts in a small Russian village.

Light in the Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro: Rewriting Identity, Spirituality, Reality by Gloria E. Light in the DarkAnzaldúa. Edited by Ana Louise Keating, this book is the culmination of Anzaldúa’s mature thought and the most comprehensive presentation of her philosophy. Focusing on aesthetics, ontology, epistemology, and ethics, it contains several developments in her many important theoretical contributions.

OntopowerOntopower by Brian Massumi. The culmination of Massumi’s powerful trilogy of social theory (What Animals Teach Us about Politics, The Power at the End of the Economy), Ontopower explains how the logic of preemption governs U.S. military policy in the War on Terror. Threats are now felt into reality, which makes preemptive action necessary. The logic of preemption’s working out creates the self-sustaining force of ontopower.

Mounting Frustration: The Art Museum in the Age of Black Power by Susan E. Cahan. Cahan Mounting Frustrationuncovers the moment when the civil rights movement reached New York City’s elite art galleries. Focusing on three controversial exhibitions that integrated African American culture and art, Cahan shows how the art world’s racial politics is far more complicated than overcoming past exclusions.

MicrogrooveMicrogroove by John Corbett. The beloved music writer (Extended Play) continues his exploration of diverse musics, with essays, interviews, and musician profiles that focus on jazz, improvised music, contemporary classical, rock, folk, blues, post-punk, and cartoon music, as well as painting, design, dance, and poetry.

The Rio de Janiero Reader edited by Daryle Williams, Amy Chazkel, and Paulo Knauss. In timeRio Reader for next year’s Olympics, this latest edition to The Latin America Readers traces Rio’s history, culture, and politics. It contains a mix of primary documents—many appearing in English for the first time—that present the “Marvelous City” in all its complexity, importance, and intrigue.

We are also excited to announce the launch of two new math journals, the Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Annals of Functional Analysis. Other journals highlights include a special issue of French Historical Studies, Food and France: What Food Studies Can Teach Us about History, and a special issue of SAQ on 1970s feminism, as well as special issues of differences, Radical History Review, and positions.

And there’s so much more. Download your catalog to see all our great titles in cultural studies, anthropology, music and sound studies, African American studies, and many other disciplines.

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