Thomas Carlyle on the American Civil War included with new release of letters

IMG_0418Duke University Press is pleased to announce that volumes 39 through 41 of the Carlyle Letters Online are now available.

The Carlyle Letters Online is a digital archive that hosts over 10,000 of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle’s letters. The collection is searchable by date, recipient, subject, and volume. The archive is available at no charge to institutions and individuals.

Volumes 39 through 41 chronicle December 1862 to April 1865 and include Thomas Carlyle’s only public expression on the American Civil War, “Ilias (Americana) in Nuce,” published in Macmillan’s Magazine. This “squib,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson called it, created a firestorm of response on both sides of the Northern and Southern divide, as well as both sides of the Atlantic. This period also covers the completion of Carlyle’s monumental biography of Frederic the Great, which he had been working on since the early 1850s. In the newly available volumes, Jane Welsh Carlyle’s health runs from one crisis to another, marking the beginning of the decline that would end with her death in 1866.

The Carlyle Letters Online is regarded as one of the finest and most comprehensive literary archives about the nineteenth century. Correspondents of the Carlyles included Charles Dickens, John Stuart Mill, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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